Whether building a new dental practice from scratch, upgrading an existing practice or expanding a practice with additional operatories or new specialty services, numerous pieces of dental equipment will be needed to complete the project. More than just the technologies used to treat patients, dental equipment also includes the utility systems that power a dental practice, the systems used for infection control protocols, and even all of the equipment used to set up a portable dental operatory. Dental equipment can be divided into many categories to encompass the types of equipment that every practice needs in order to treat patients as well as the equipment required in practices providing specialized services such as endodontics or oral surgery.

What types of dental equipment are essential?

Regardless of the type of practice you run, it is likely you will need most or all of these items:

  • Dental Patient Chairs
  • Operatory Cabinetry
  • Delivery Systems
  • Dental Operatory Lights
  • X-ray Imaging Equipment
  • Sterilization Equipment
  • Handpieces
  • Utility Equipment
A-dec 500 Dental ChairAirStar Dental Oil-less CompressorsX Series Air Driven Dental High Speed Handpieces

What are some examples of specialized dental equipment?

Depending on the type of practice you run, and the types of treatments and services you provide, you also might choose to invest in some or all of these items:

  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Chairside CAD/CAM Systems
  • 3D Imaging Systems
  • Surgical Microscopes
  • Dental Lasers
  • Endodontic Equipment
  • Dental Sleep Medicine Equipment
  • Portable Dental Equipment
  • And More!
GXCB-500 HD Cone Beam 3D Imaging SystemOPMI pico Dental Surgical MicroscopeEPIC 10 Diode Laser

What to consider when purchasing dental equipment?

There are numerous things to consider when you are looking to purchase new equipment for your practice, and most of these considerations are very specific to the type of equipment you are looking at. However, there are a few universal principles that should be taken into account whenever you are looking to invest in improving your dental practice with the addition of new equipment. First it is important to have a plan for how the equipment will be set up and used in your practice. Next, make sure you and your staff receive adequate training and support in order to get the maximum benefit of the equipment. Finally, it is a good idea to have a plan for marketing your new investments so your patients can learn about improvements you make or new services you offer.

Search and Compare Dental Equipment

  • Caries Detection Systems
    Caries Detection Systems
    • Caries Detection Dyes
    • Caries Detection Equipment
    • Caries Detection Software
  • Chairside CAD/CAM Technology
    Chairside CAD/CAM Technology
    • Dental CAD/CAM
    • Chairside Mills
    • 3D Printers
  • Dental Cameras
    Dental Cameras
    • Camera Flash Power Controllers
    • Extraoral Cameras
    • Intraoral Cameras

    + See More

  • Dental Curing Light Systems
    Dental Curing Light Systems
    • Curing Light Meters
    • Curing Light Tips
    • Halogen Curing Lights
  • Dental Digital Radiography
    Dental Digital Radiography
    • Cephalometric X-ray
    • 3D Cone Beam Imaging
    • Digital Panoramic X-ray
  • Dental Handpiece Systems
    Dental Handpiece Systems
    • Electric Handpieces
    • Air Turbines
    • Handpiece Heads
  • Dental Impression Equipment
    Dental Impression Equipment
    • Alginate Mixers
    • Dental Impression Trays
    • Digital Impression Systems

    Dental Lasers

  • Dental Lasers
    • Dental Diode Lasers
    • All-Tissue Dental Lasers
    • CO2 Soft Tissue Laser
  • Dental Magnification Systems
    Dental Magnification Systems
    • Loupe Filters
    • Loupe Lights
    • Loupe Systems
  • Dental Operatory Equipment
    Dental Operatory Equipment
    • Chairside Extraoral Suction Systems
    • Air Abrasion Equipment
    • Dental Air Polishing
  • Dental Sleep Medicine
    Dental Sleep Medicine
    • Sleep Apnea Appliances
    • Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Equipment
  • Dental Sterilization Equipment
    Dental Sterilization Equipment
    • Instrument Washers
    • Autoclaves
    • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Dental Surgical Equipment
    Dental Surgical Equipment
    • Dental Centrifuges
    • Dental EKG Monitors
    • Electrosurgery Systems
  • Dental Treatment Room Setup
    Dental Treatment Room Setup
    • Delivery Unit Water Reservoirs
    • Assistant Chairs
    • Chair Accessories

    + See More

  • Dental Utility Equipment
    Dental Utility Equipment
    • Amalgam Separators
    • Lubricated Compressors
    • Oil-Free Compressors
  • Emergency Dental Equipment
    Emergency Dental Equipment
    • Automated External Defibrillators
    • Emergency Kits
    • Oral Airways
  • Endodontic Equipment
    Endodontic Equipment
    • Pulp Testers
    • Endodontic Apex Locators
    • Endodontic Electric Motors
  • Film Radiography Products
    Film Radiography Products
    • Automatic Film Processing Chemicals
    • Automatic X-ray Film Processors
    • Darkroom Safelights

    + See More

  • Portable Dental Office Equipment
    Portable Dental Office Equipment
    • Dental Tray and Equipment Stands
    • Portable Air Compressors
    • Portable Delivery Systems

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