Your child will encounter numerous medical professionals from the moment they are born. These people are there for your child as much as they are there for you to answer questions, diagnose illness, and ensure overall health. Some children only ever see the family doctor, while others may need an allergist or orthodontist. Here are just some of the medical professionals your child may come into contact.

Most people opt for a pediatrician, especially in the child’s youngest years. However, seeing a family doctor means your child could be with the same doctor their entire life. If your child sees a pediatrician, then they will usually switch to a general practitioner after puberty is complete. This happens around 16 or 17 years of age. When your child is first born, they will need to go to the pediatrician or family doctor quite frequently. Within the first year of life, your new baby will need up to six “well-baby” or “well-child” visits. During these visits, they will be weighed, have their development assessed, and receive vaccinations. However, after the 12-month mark, the recommended frequency of these visits drops off significantly and may vary according to your practitioner. An annual well-child visit is still advised for children older than 3 years.