Applied Ingenuity is dedicated to using the most modern technology available to provide cost-effective laboratory care.  Laboratories need to be modular and flexible because of both technological advances and external economic pressures.  Laboratory techniques need to be adaptable to the presence of new instrumentation or methodology to be able to modify the lab test or testing process to maximize test cost-effectiveness while providing cost-effective care.

Applied Ingenuity Diagnostics constantly reviews our test processes and tests for both clinical utility, cost and quality control.

The future of Precision Medicine is the use of AI or other machine learning technologies to optimize tests for specific clinical questions.  Applied Ingenuity, uses a method where we combine a number of tests across platforms like genomics, metabolomics and proteomics and combine biomarkers and clinical data to optimize and personalize the clinical decision making process.

Applied Ingenuity identifies areas of clinical need and develops tests and algorithms to address these clinical needs.  Consequently, although we perform many routine tests, our core strength is based on multi-parametric tests that address a specific clinical question.

We have a state of art modern diagnostic laboratory that uses some of the latest technologies in genomics, metabolomics and proteomics.